What does Jets consultant Charley Casserly think of

Everybody’s got to be all in on this one. We all know this guy’s talented, And there’s a risk. And it could blow up in our face. And if we’re willing to take that chance, Then we understand that. “Whatever city he goes in, I think people have to understand, hey, If it works, It works. If it doesn’t work, Then you go to the next guy, On whether a decision like getting the right quarterback can be the toughest call for a GM to make: “The answer is yes, But I’d answer it in this context: The problem you have is, You tend to you’ve got to be disciplined in this, And I’ve made this mistake, OK [When Washington took quarterback bust Heath Shuler with the third overall pick in 1994], And you learn from it and then don’t make it again. You have a need. You force yourself in setting up your draft board to put guys up higher than they are you do it subconsciously, You talk yourself into it, And then you end up making a mistake, And you reach on a guy. “[You’re thinking], ‘We can’t win without a quarterback. I’m the first year coach, I better get a quarterback now because if I don’t have one later, Then I’m going to be years behind and I have no chance to win.’ And then you make a mistake, And all of a sudden you’re three years behind instead of one year behind. “There’s a lot of teams that are going to face that this year a] Very thin quarterback crew that’s out there. You may see a lot of teams not get a quarterback, And it might be a good move for them. There might be better ones next year,

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